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Round 1 (underage)
Due to a request, we've separated underage prompts from the rest of the prompts. This post is for underage prompts only.

Comment here with suggestions, complaints, etc.

DO NOT include anything that involves Lux or Louis' sisters, or anyone who is underage, in a sexual situation. These will be deleted. Gen, babysitting, etc is okay.

• Discussions are allowed as long as they stay on the topic of the prompt, any comment not on topic will be deleted. Please, don't go overboard with "seconding" comments.

• Remain anonymous. This won't get your prompt/fill deleted, and we're not going to chase after anyone who chooses to comment logged in but, it'd just be best for you to be anonymous.

• Respect each other, if a certain prompt or fill isn't your cup of tea - keep scrolling and try to avoid causing a problem. However, feel free to contact a mod if you think something should be removed.


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